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Board Member Profiles

Michael Cheng

One of the founding members of AIDCI, Michael Cheng was born in Darjeeling, India on July 17th, 1956.  When the Indian government began interning Chinese-Indians, all fourteen of his family members were taken to Deoli Camp in 1962.  After his family was released in 1964, they were unable to return to Darjeeling and had to make a living in Calcutta.  Michael spent much of his childhood working in the family shoe shop to help his family regain their losses.  As a result, he left school in the middle of Grade 7.

After working in Europe for some time and later migrating to the United States in the 1980’s, Michael chose to settle down in North Carolina.  Michael currently resides in Cherryville, North Carolina, and is the co-owner of Chen’s Restaurant with his wife, Patsy Liu Cheng.  Besides being a member of AIDCI, he has been involved in civic organizations, such as the Shelby Rotary Club.  Remembering the generous role that the International Red Cross played in providing goods for Deoli internees, he served on the Cleveland County Chapter's Red Cross Board of Directors.  Unable to complete his own education, he is enthusiastic about education and has served the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees. 

Michael now has three children, Ken (age 26), Michelle (age 24) and Yeeva (age 19).  His daughter, Yeeva, is also a member of AIDCI.  

Ying Sheng "Bobby" Wong

Ying Sheng Wong was born in Calcutta on September 13, 1945 to a Chinese Hakka immigrant family.  Like many Hakka Chinese Hakka immigrants, his parents were in the shoe business.  During his childhood, he attended the local Chinese school in Calcutta to study.  His family later moved to Shillong in Assam in mid-1950. His entire family of eight people, which comprised of his parents, four brothers and two sisters, were taken by Indian security forces to Deoli Camp in Rajasthan in November of 1962 at the height of Sino-Indian war.  During his time in the camp, Ying Sheng had to witness the tragic death of his father, brutal physical violence and the burdens of being the eldest child as he helped raise and care for his siblings and mother.  

A founding member of AIDCI, he is very passionate about the social and ethnic issues that followed the Sino-Indian border conflict, particularly the issues pertaining to the survivors from the Deoli Concentration Camp, given his personal experiences at the camp where his father died so tragically.  He recently appeared at the Toronto Hakka Conference to share his account and is one of the first Deoli ex-internees to share his experience in such a public setting.    

Ying Sheng immigrated to Toronto, Canada in November of 1993.  He currently lives in in Toronto with his lovely wife, Mei Chen Liao, along with his five children, Kenneth (age 42), Marina (age 40), Lydia (age 39), Jennifer (age 37) and (age 36) and eight grandchildren.  His son-in-law, Sheng Lin, is also a member of AIDCI.

Stanley Wan

Stanley Yung Tung Wan was born in Kalimpong, India on December 10, 1945.  He was taken to Deoli Concentration Camp with ten members of his family in November of 1962. Besides suffering the camp internment, the family's variety store was sealed off, which would later have a tremendous economic impact on his family's well-being. When his family was released in 1964, they were not allowed to go back to Kalimpong and restore the business they once held. Banned from returning home, his family resided in Calcutta, where he finished high school.  He later moved to Hong Kong where he continued his education in electronics with the help of Lutheran World Services.

In 1968 he immigrated to Canada. In the 1980’s he sponsored his family from Taiwan to join him in Canada. He first worked with television broadcasting industries, such as Global Television Network and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Though he is at a ripe age to retire, he continues working with Llewellyn Security Group as a security officer and, of course, serves on AIDCI's board of directors. 

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